1 yard Varflex 3/8" High Temp Insulation Sleeving ,Varglas Litewall Sleeving

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     3 feet  Varflex 3/8"  High Temp Insulation Sleeving 







Item Description:

Uncoated (untreated or lightly treated) sleevings are used for secondary insulation, harnessing, physical protection, and serve as good anchors for varnish treatments in electrical units. Because of this, uncoated sleevings find extensive application with potting plastics where the sleeving acts as a substratum to support potting compounds to enhance the electrical and mechanical properties of a system

 Varglas  Litewall Sleeving  Type HA

Color: Natural             Size: 3/8



— .008" / 0.2032mm wall, heat cleaned.



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