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ABB S803S D40, 3 Pole, 40 Amp Circuit Breaker

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40 Amp Circuit Breaker

Item Description:

ABB S803S D40

3 Pole, 40 Amp Circuit Breaker

Miniature Circuit Breakers, S800 Series
Item# S803S-D40 - Circuit Breaker 3-P D 40A
S800 Series Information
Breakers carry CSA, IEC, and CE agency approvals
Offers a compact solution to circuit protection
Thermal‑magnetic trip protection Breakers
Fast breaking time (2.3-2.5 ms)
DIN rail mounting solution

The S800 high performance MCB offers a compact solution to circuit protection. The S800 devices are IEC tested current limiting and DIN rail mounted. The S800 is available with application‑specific trip characteristics to provide maximum circuit protection.

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