ANTEC LEYDEN LINK / Low pass In-line Noise Killer / HPLC Detection

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The Antec Leyden Link is a low-pass in-line Noise Killer.  It is an extremely powerful, low pass noise filter. It is compatible with any HPLC detector. The LINK is an active, fourth order (four-pole) noise filter to improve detection in liquid chromatography. It has been developed as a stand-alone unit and is applicable with any detector that supplies an analogue signal. The improvement in Signal-to-Noise ratio depends on the frequency of the signal versus the noise. In a realistic experimental set-up consisting of an optimised LC-EC system for biogenic amines, up to a factor of 600 improvement in detection limit has been obtained.




Filter type:                   fourth order (four pole), low-pass

Attenuation slope:       24 db/oct (80 db/decade)

Cut-off frequencies:     0.300, 0.171, 0.120, 0.086, 0.067, 0.055, 0.046,

                                   0.040, 0.034, 0.030 and 0.020 Hz (11 settings)

Offset:                         +/- 35 mV

Max. output voltage:   +/- 10 V

Max. output noise:      < 30 μV peak to peak noise (input short-circuited)

Output gain:                0 dB

Max. input voltage:     +/- 10 V

Mains:                         110 or 220 V AC, selectable

Power consumption:   10 W

Dimensions and  weight:       20 (w) x 20 (d) x 10 (h) cm, 1.75 kg

INCLUDES:  Power Cord & Copy of Manual


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