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Banner 16392 Sensor Power Blocks

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Banner Sensor Power Block

Item Description:

Power Block; 10 to 30 VDC; SPST PNP (Source)

4 Wire AC Power Block, 105 to 130 VAC @ 50/60 Hz Input Voltage

Banner MULTI-BEAM® sensors are compact modular self contained photoelectric switches. Each MULT-BEAM® solution consists of 3 components — Scanner Block, Power Block, and Logic Module.

The Scanner Block contains the complete modulated photoelectric amplifier as well as the emitter and receiver optoelements. It also contains the sensing optics and the housing for the other two modules. The Power Block provides the interface between the scanner and the external circuit. It contains a power supply for the MULTI-BEAM® plus a switching device to interface the circuit to the controller. The Logic Module (not required for opposed mode emitters) interconnects the power block and scanner block both electrically and mechanically. It provides the desired timing logic function (if any), plus the ability to program the output for either light or dark response.

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